Whole Children provides recreational, social and enrichment programs for children and teens of all abilities, including those with special needs. We provide valuable resources for their families and facilitate inclusion with the larger community.

All of our classes have built-in skill-building components, whether it's teaching the finer points of basketball, how to navigate the playground, or how to talk to friends.

We are a social/recreation center that welcomes families and students of all abilities, philosophies, and cultures. We are not a therapeutic program and we do not adhere to any one system or approach to teaching, running groups, or working with students. Whole Children is a community of families who are walking a similar path and who are happy to share the experience!

Meet Whole Children!

Since 2004 our building in Hadley, MA has been a place where children with special needs and their families are welcomed and respected. At Whole Children children and teens have the freedom to pursue their interests, build skills, and develop deep friendships. Since March 2020, Whole Children’s classes have moved online. We miss being together in person, but we know from families that our online classes are providing the space and support their children need during this time. We welcome you to come join us at Whole Children from wherever you are located.